5 Part Strategy to Use AI in your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting work more every day. It can’t be ignore, so how can it be used?

Harvard Business Review recently published an story about Proctor and Gamble and America Express working on using AI in their businesses.

HBR analysis came up with 5 parts to the strategy of keeping business up to date with the world of AI.

1. Build on your strengths.

The companies already had a focus on analytics and saw AI as an extension of that focus, not an entirely different domain. Maybe AI is an extension of Analytics of some other existing focus. Maybe its not. Either way working around what you believe is a current strength makes lots of sense.

2.  Focus on the Talent

P&G has a focus on entry level hiring and promotion from within. To preserve this wise strategy requires a serious commitment and investment in people able to learn machine learning and AI skills. Similar strategies were implement in the 1960’s and 1970’s to develop enough programmers to handle the work load of business.

3. Do Most of the Work Yourself

A philosophy of building your own capability. Open source tools are proving the most cost effective and efficient to develop in house. Speed and collaboration are features of AI goals. It only makes sense to get used to working with a tools set with same philosophy at its heart.

4. Address application that benefit you and the customer.

This makes sense in many ways. Most people in the business are focused on customer success in some way. Marketing lead the path to the biggest budgets that are need to do this work.

5. Augmentation, not Automation

Don’t have a goal of eliminating jobs by AI. Argument your capabilities to grow into something more.

These five simple parts make up a good AI strategy to get your business started down the path to AI success.

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